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    iPhone & iCloud & Mac photos sync
    I have an iPhone 5s with only 16gb and I'm down to zero memory free. My iPhone and iCloud are showing the same number of pictures and appear to be syncing fine. OS X Photos which I don't use is showing more pictures than what is in iCloud. Before I screw something up on my own I'd like to archive the iPhone photos and few videos so I can just remove all the photos & videos and free up the storage. I'm guessing I can toggle Optimize iPhone storage 'on' to do this?

    Here are my current settings...
    iPhone Photos settings
    iCloud Library = on
    Optimize iPhone Storage = off
    Download and Keep Originals = on
    Upload Photo Stream = off
    Sharing = off

    OS X Photos settings
    iCloud Library = off
    Photo stream = off
    Sharing = off

    iCloud Storage = 1.5 GB Available

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    iPhone & iCloud & Mac photos sync
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    Easiest solution is to use Photos on your Mac as your library unless you want to upgrade (and pay more) for iCloud storage. Switch off iCloud on both devices and enable Photo Stream. When wifi is on, your photos will sync and then you can safely delete pictures from Camera Roll to free up storage on your phone. The pictures are automatically stored in All Photos in which you can create specific albums. Ensure you have a back up of your Mac to safeguard your memories. Keep PS enabled so that photos continue to be shared and clean out Camera Roll as needed.

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