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    I was just wodering where all the knowledge people on this forum have. Is it years of use? The Internet? Technical Training? I lurk around seveal post on the site just to see the inputs given by people and I'm really impressed. I'm new to Mac so I was just wondering how to expand my knowledge.

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    The knowledge is bestowed upon us after we chant a secret incantation with a chicken leg in one hand and a stiff drink in the other....obviously..

    Like the usual way of gaining knowledge, there are users here who've been using Macs since the 80s and have a long history with it. There are others (like myself) that transitioned to it more recently (6 years for me) and have picked up things with experimentation and sheer will. I still remember the first time I used my Mac Mini and OS X 10.5 Leopard, boy was I confused as to what to do and how to go about it. The tide turned when I was as productive on my Mac as I was with my Linux machine. It was at that time that I fully switch over to the Mac..

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    I suggest you read a lot, here and other sights. Then play with hardware and apps - a lot. Experience come from reading and then playing around with computers - taking them apart, reassembling , changing configuration. You install apps, operating systems, mess them up and then fix them. Technical training is good. I have some under my belt so to say, but there is no substitute for actual hands on.

    We are blessed with a wide variety of people who have a lot of experience. Some are strong in one area and someone else is strong in another, which makes this forum a great resource for mac users. Some very smart people on here have worked with computers as a hobby or as part of their profession for many years. They have a wealth of knowledge that they willingly share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reg0124 View Post
    I'm new to Mac so I was just wondering how to expand my knowledge.
    There's no secret to expanding one's knowledge on any topic. A combination of experience, interest, curiosity, formal academic training, formal professional training, keeping up with the latest in industry developments, networking with others, etc.

    Nobody becomes an expert overnight!

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    Actually Ashwin, for we Baptists, a glass of Evian water rather than the strong drink.

    Anyone else ever noticed Evian is naive back to front? hmmmmmmmmm.........
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