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    Anyone been on a cruise before? Any advice?
    Planning a cruise with my gf for a month or two down the road. We are both 25 and very outgoing. Cost is a factor as we would both like to save money. What expenses are there besides the upfront fees? How much should i expect to spend? Whats a good cruise line to pick? Will my apple products work on the ship?

  2. #2 is a great 'aggregator' of cruise ship pricing. No fancy ads that slow down your search.

    After booking the actual cruise, your additional expenses will be :

    shore excursions (waste of money to book via the cruise line; search for 'things to do', call the company directly. Do it in advance so others don't beat you to it);

    libations (booze);

    gratuities (often added to your bill on the last day of your trip. You will tip the stateroom host; your waiter(s), etc.

    As for cost, that depends on the cruise line (up to 5 stars); when you travel and where (Eupope/Med is expensive); and duration of the trip.

    Start with

    Enjoy your trip!

    (ps - most ships will run 110 volts, so no issue with Mac products. Onboard internet is something like $1 / minute with dial-up speeds. Forgo internet if you can).

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    Anyone been on a cruise before? Any advice?
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    I'm not a seasoned cruise veteran but I've been on a few, so here's my advice:

    pick and choose on-shore excursions carefully, as they can be expensive. Don't try to do everything.

    as others have said, avoid the ship wi-fi (it is really criminally ridiculous the way the cruise industry rips you off in this area -- makes airline Wi-Fi look like the deal of the century!).

    Don't fall for the pro photo ops unless you are genuinely a bad photog/have a crappy camera.

    Bring something nice to wear for evening dinner.

    Don't be afraid to make new friends! Lots of fun people on cruises, enjoy them while you're together and maybe some lasting friendships will be forged!

    The ship will try to keep you busy all the time -- but you're on VACATION. Don't forget to relax and do nothing but eat some days!

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    Anyone been on a cruise before? Any advice?
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    Make sure the captain is not Italian
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    Interestingly, Costa Cruise Lines is owned by Carnival.

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    Anyone been on a cruise before? Any advice?
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    My advice: Stream WiFi from you iPhone
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    Anyone been on a cruise before? Any advice?
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    I've been on a few cruises, all with Royal Carribean - in fact, I was married on a cruise ship in Bermuda.

    My advice? Go to your doctor and get a script written for this:

    Transderm Sc?p patch Information for Patients ? Scopolamine Patch to Prevent Motion Sickness

    It works much better than Dramamine (which can act as a sedative) and once you stick it behind your ear, you don't have to fuss with it for several days. Even if you don't think you'll experience seasickness, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Aside from that, I think Chas covered it pretty well. Have a great time!
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    Anyone been on a cruise before? Any advice?
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    Beware traveling on ships of Liberian, etc... registry, unless you trust the Liberian or other Navy to rescue you if things go South. See the recent Algerian Special Forces oil field hostage rescue, Achille Lauro hijacking, etc... for details.

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    Anyone been on a cruise before? Any advice?
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    Keep a close eye on bar tabs. Comes as quite a shock the 25% tip on top of pretty steep prices.
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