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    Where can I find how to view my posts on this website?

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    Jan 22, 2011
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    Where can I find how to view my posts on this website?
    Like other forums you can select view your posts to see replies. Where can I find it on this site?

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    Where can I find how to view my posts on this website?
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    At the left, click on your name and choose "Find more posts from Abelly" and you'll get all of your posts..

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    Where can I find how to view my posts on this website?
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    The above will take you to see all of your posts.

    If you are subscribed to the threads in question, you can:

    A) Click on the top "Profile" link. At the top of that page you'll see only the subscribed threads that have a new response since the last time you looked at them.

    B) Click on the "Quick Links" button, then select "Subscribed Threads" to see all of them, whether they have a new response or not.

    C) Click on the "Profile" link, then scroll down the list and select "List Subscriptions". This will also show you all of them.

    If you don't have automatically subscribe enabled for every thread you post in - hit the "Thread Tools" button and then "Subscribe to this Thread".

    You can set automatically subscribe options by heading to "Profile" - "Edit Options" and then look in the 2nd section.
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