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    Facebook privacy?
    My sister has Facebook on her phone. I often text with my sister and figured it would be easier to send text from my computer to her phone via Facebook. I never used Facebook so I setup an email account just for Facebook with the same alias, for an example let's say it's BOBO on acebook and bobo@gmail. For my Facebook picture I used the same avatar I use on all forums. Now here is where I am baffled. Friends on forums who also have my private email are asking me if I am also this BOBO because they are getting suggestions they should be friends with BOBO. The don't know who BOBO is but recognize my avatar. They are asking me if I am BOBO. How is Facebook connecting my personal email connections with the fake one I setup just for this Facebook?

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    Facebook privacy?
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    I don't know the technical details behind this specific issue, but there is no such thing as "Privacy" on the internet.
    Every action you do on the internet will have your footprint and nowadays it is very easy to connect these footprints together and analyse them .... then the next step is 1 + 1 = 2

    No need to be paranoid, as long as you know.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Facebook privacy?
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    Obviously you are FB "friends" with your sister -you probably "share" more than a few friends. Wen you "friended" your sister as BOBO (Using the same avatar as you normally do) your friends realised that BOBO was you!!! The Friends suggestion thing is one of the features of FB.

    Nothing at all unusual in that at all.
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    Facebook privacy?
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    Facebook? Privacy?

    They are complete opposites!
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Facebook privacy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    Facebook? Privacy?

    They are complete opposites!
    +1 million..

    Plus, most of these sites spend a SIGNIFICANT amount of time trying to find ways of connecting people..(the social part of social networking) this to be expected..


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