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    Where do you keep all your wires?
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    Aug 12, 2004
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    Where do you keep all your wires?

    Just wondering if anyone has any good ways of storing all your usb/firewire cables when not in use.
    All mine are just bundled in a draw, this is great unless i actually want to use them and i'm stuck untangling them before use.

    I guess tis is justg one of the things we have to live with as we buy more and more gadgets


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    Where do you keep all your wires?
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    Jul 23, 2004
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    oo...good thread!

    i usually just wrap each one in a circle (not around your hand, but in the way that keeps them in a circle...) and then at the end i wrap the end of the cord around the entire thing to keep it together...turns out to be a perfect circle...they then get stored in a drawer, thrown on the floor or misplaced.

    otherwise, all cords end up wherever they were unplugged from. example, digital camera to the left of gets unplugged from camera and that end stays right where the camera was, and when i unplug it from the back of the PB that end stays over there as well...keeps things in relatively messy but efficient working order
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    Ey3 D
    EVERYWHERE! CHAOS! Well at least for thge other people in my house. I keep 'em in my iBook since I don't have THAT many. I also try to leave it with the device that it is for. But ,I have to organize my room. It seems to be getting messy.

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    Where do you keep all your wires?
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    I have powercords in a drawer and when I need a powercord or somebody in my family needs a powercord i just tell them it is in my drawer.....

    Then I have another drawer for data cables, and then another drawer for left over connector cables from previous computers.
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