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    Clearing Hard Drive on PC?
    This is probally the wrong place to ask *looks at banner*. Yeah it is, but some of you guys are PC veterans. OK...How do you clear a hard drive on a PC, its got windows NT on in right now(got it from my dads work) and I want to install FC3 on it.

    I've googled everything. EVERYTHING!! One of my searches even yielded a guide on how to "make a clear Hard Drive". My best guess is that i have to type something in the MS-DOS prompt, but I don't know what!


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    Well you could use something like the Ultimate Boot CD and wipe it but it is not necessary. When you install FC3 it will give you an option to wipe existing partitions and format the HD.

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    Thanks! Now I just need to get my dvd drive thing in the computer.

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