As most here know. I am currently pursuing my Computer Science degree. Though I am already a certified developer ( web programming ) and certified to work as a PC technician ( Comp TIA ) I also in my spare time trying to study for my Linux developer certs. I want to work in Computational Physics someday but would also settle for software engineering to get by as I love programming. I am in the military so they pretty much pay for everything. Whatever certs we wish, we can normally get it paid for us. One extremely great benefit of being in the military.

I am wondering if becoming Apple certified would be a good choice?. To be honest, I have not yet seen any jobs that have asked for these certs. I think it would be a solid cert. I am becoming a certified MS developer ( ) But then lost of jobs do actually look for the MS certs along with a comp sci degree. I should get the Apple certs while i can, this I know. But where will i use it if ever?. Should i be an Apple developer , technician or ??. Should I just get as many as possible.?.

Not sure what to do.