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    What a day for a 19th birthday..

    So I turned 19 today... Only problem is... NOTHING is open.. Garh!!.. However, I did manage to go out for a beer last night after 12, so it wasn't an entirely wasted night..

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    Lol..I still have 5 years to wait..21 is too old for a drinking age..though on my 19th birthday were going to Canada to get trashed (=

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    Haha wicked, we should meet up and get smashed hahaha...

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    19 + beer = ?
    haha, just kidding guys. I remember my 19th birthday... day after thanksgiving (everything was either closed or packed). But, eh, could be worse (could be today ha) Happy birthday, man.

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    What a day for a 19th birthday..
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    my girfriends birthday too...

    happy birthday!

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    What a day for a 19th birthday..

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    Desolate One
    My 19th birthday consisted of Sushi and martinits.

    Ironically that's wot my last birthday consisted of.

    Happy bday mate!

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