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    Question voice recognition forblind person
    A new employer wants me to hook up a employee who is blind with a new
    mac which I have touted. Any one with suggestions on some soft ware to get this hooked up or do I need to hit an Apple retailer.....Rather do it here.


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    voice recognition forblind person
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    its built in, all you need is a mic, internal/external depending on the mac, click apple menu>system preferences>speech>speech recognition tab>set it all up there. just make sure that in sosund prefs, you select that mic as an input device. theres also Viavoice , which is very useful.
    if you have more questions, or need help, come back, and welcome to the forums.

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    voice recognition forblind person

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    Tiger will supposedly have much improved "spoken interface" features designed specifically for blind users.

    I'd suggest you try that out whenever Panther ships.

    10.3 Has a limited text-reading capability (In the Speech pane of System Preferences, under the Spoken Interface tab) and keyboard navigation (In the Universal Access and Keyboard panes.)

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