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Thread: Memorial Day

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    Memorial Day
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    Memorial Day
    I would like to take this time to personally thank every one of those who are within the military here. Also to any person's family that has been in the military. So without further ado Thank you to our fighting men and women, without you standing by our flag we would be nothing.


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    Memorial Day
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    Thanks for this thread, gagnerants. I agree! Thanks for fighting to help keep America in it's place. My friend's father has a position in the military in Iraq. Last year, we had a Veterans Day assembly in my school. They called his dad (all pre-arranged) and had my friend come up to the stage to talk with his father. At the end, he said "I love you dad.". It was "touching".
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    Memorial Day
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    For all those who serve, a big thanks for all you do - on Memorial Day and every day!
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    Memorial Day
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    Well, it isn't memorial day here, that is Nov 11th

    But a huge respect and thanks to those serving in the armed forces of the USA, and GB
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