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    why i love my G5
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    why i love my G5

    2x1.8 G5 w/ 1.5GB of 400mhz RAM. Went to applications folder and selected all items (command+a), then opened (command+o) and then exposé(d?). didnt open the apps in sub folders, but you get the idea
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    why i love my G5
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    geez, talk about multi-tasking

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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    why i love my G5

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    Heres mine

    Only got the beachball for a few seconds when it was loading garageband
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    My Hard-drive now wants to kill me ... but it only took about 1 min to open everything up :O but the expose wasn't as smooth as I would of liked ... hmmmm need to find a cheap mac AGP card ... but my god if I had of done that on windows ...

    Just tried it again now and opened up the activity monitor to see how much of a drain it all was ... I was plesently suprised to see that there was still 150mb of ram still free from my 1.5gb ... oh and it opened everything in about 30 secs max this time ... geez I love my mac

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