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    Good Ol' Woz
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    Good Ol' Woz

    Wozniak defends student in Tiger leak lawsuit:

    I always thought Steve Wozniak was a great guy and this act of kindness just reinforces that. It just makes sense, what he says about the matter.

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    Good Ol' Woz

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    Woz is definitely a nice guy. He never much fit within the "Corporate" culture of Apple after it left the early years.

    On the other hand, it was really dumb for that kid to distribute Tiger like that. The whole "I didn't know it was illegal" defense doesn't go too far these days, what with all the RIAA lawsuits and Apple's sue-everything-that-moves attitude in the last few months.

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    Personally I think Apple is committing a PR blunder with this ridiculous lawsuits agains students, media ppl and editors, etc. Reminds me of the McLibel lawsuit by McDonalds.

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    Good Ol' Woz
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    Kinda of funny that Woz and Jobs were both a couple of pirates back in the day. Now their company sues anything that looks like it might be thinking of violating a copyright.

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