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    Hello AT&T, and goodbye (And Good Riddance) nextel! I'm LOVING this new service!
    Hello my lovelies!

    Well, as some of you may know (from bearing with me and my horrible english and helping me here) , I was inquiring for my mother about switching from Nextel to AT&T. She wanted a blackberry, but what she got was a PINKberry! She got a sweet deal on the Blackberry Curve 8310. The experience was incredible. The deals there are the BEST! The customer service people are amazing. If you're looking online at AT&T, the prices are always cheaper in the stores. The way I had it figured it was going to be $105 for 2 lines with messaging and the blackberry plan and 550 minutes, well that's not what it was at the store.
    As a result, it was a lot cheaper than we had anticipated, so we ended up with not 2 lines, not 3, not 4, but 5 lines!
    That's my whole family!

    We pay roughly $143 a month, including my moms 15% off discount for being a bus driver. (Nextel it's only 10%) We have 1400 anytime minutes, unlimited text for all of us, my mom has the $30 unlimited data plan. The guy told us tethering was no extra cost on this plan and we just had to download the software.
    With Nextel, my mom had 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited nights/weekends for $49.99 monthly. The plan is old and "locked in" but since her contract expired, they're been slowly inching her bill up each month so it was never $49.99. My dad's was $29.99 a month for 200 anytime minutes and like 1000 nights/weekends or something.

    After my mom picked out her blackberry, she walked by the bluetooth headsets. She said "So, do I get a free bluetooth? I thought I read somewhere in the paper I get a free bluetooth with a blackberry plan."

    I'm fairly certain she just made that up. She's cheap, in all the right ways. They both laughed jokingly since she said it really sarcastically. The guy didn't buy it that time. By the time we walked out of there, she had a free bluetooth headset. Go mom!

    Anyway, they had a buy one for $29.99 get up to 3 more free. dad and brothers and I all got Sony Ericsson W580i's.

    They're great phones overall.

    Here's another thing:
    My dad was still under contract with Sprint/Nextel, so my mom was debating on adding him now giving him a temporary number.
    The guy immediately offered to reimburse the cancellation fee towards the AT&T bill!

    They practically PAID the fee for us!
    It made me remember that cell phone salespeople DO have feelings after all!

    They were so nice! My mom was running late for a meeting, so we left while the guy was setting everything up and we came back a couple hours later and everything was ready.

    And the service is AMAZING compared to sprint. I have signal in my house in some places! Doesn't sound so good, but believe me no cell phone company will get good signal out here.

    The signal is great. The company is great. The customer service is great. The price is great. The phones are great. Everything is great!
    There is so much I don't know how to do on this phone because we've never had modern phones before, so i'm sure i'll be asking for help soon on some basic things.

    There is one thing though. I haven't tried it today, but yesterday when I was trying to text a lot of people at once, I kept getting an error saying "please insert a valid 10 digit phone number" or something. Then I went back into all the contacts and added the "616" area code to all the numbers. Still did it. Then added a "1". I got less error messages this time. It was doing it on my brothers too. I think it's only certain numbers, i'm not sure yet. I've been texting a couple of people and for them it's working fine.
    I think it's something i'm doing.

    Actually, a question already. Is the W580i Mac compatible?

    If it is, would I be able to use like iSync or something with my Mac, or does that require something I don't have.


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    Hello AT&T, and goodbye (And Good Riddance) nextel! I'm LOVING this new service!
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    There's hope for phone companies yet!!

    Looks compatible...
    When all else fails, try everything!
    The Rep System and you.
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    Hello AT&T, and goodbye (And Good Riddance) nextel! I'm LOVING this new service!
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    Glad to hear it! The Curve is a fantastic phone, I just got myself one and have been really enjoying it, hope she does too
    Use the Rep System!!

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