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    Decent Apps/Games for 7.5.5?

    Well i'm a newbie to Mac 7, but I just got Mac 7.5.5 working on my Nintendo DS and I would really like to add any cool applications and games to it, the only two handicaps I've had are:

    1. I can only get 2MB of ram

    2. Google isn't helping much, I can't find downloads for Mac 7.5.5 anywhere.

    So if anyone can link me or give me info on compatabile programs and/or games for the 7.5.5 that do not require more then 2mb or ram or a internet connection, that would be fab! anything interesting really, but i've seen MacPaint, LoadRunner and the Toolbar googly eyes that follow the cursor all work on the DS Macintosh, so any links to those would be great!

    Also would any old photoshops or microsoft office programs work?, most that i've seen need alot of ram, but I can't find info on very old ones.

    Thanks alot.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Chemical.

    You'll find abandoneware games at the Macintosh Garden

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    Hey thanks for the link!

    Lots of cool software on there, but I can't seem to get it working on Mini Vmac, it says it cannot read the file and what not, i've tried putting the .sits in .dsk/.img/.dmg/.hfv and simply renaming the extension to that, i've also tried stuffit on my pc and inside minivmac, I can't seem to get these things to work, .bins seem to work, after all thats how I put stuffit on there. But .sits just don't seem to ever work..

    Any ideas?


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    All I know is that these games work on the Mac pre-OS X, some of those games worked right up to the very end, in OS 9.2.2 but a lot didn't. That that a .sit file opened on a Macintosh with Stuffit.

    You want to make them work in emulation. That escapes my knowledge, sorry. Maybe you should report this to the Feedback team at Mini Vmac.

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