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    MacOs 8.5 upgrade

    i have a mac computer with a G3-Processor. The Operating System is MacOC 8.5. I have 2 questions:

    1.) to which operating system can i upgrade (may macos9 or mac os X ??)

    2.) Is there any software like garageband for macos 8.5 (or any software to produce music like in garageband?

    please help me (and sorry for my bad english!)


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    MacOs 8.5 upgrade
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    You should be able to run OS X, assuming you have at least 128MB of RAM, but I would very strongly recommend you install at least 512MB.

    I am not aware of garageband being available for OS 9 - however this site has some info on music software for OS 9.
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    MacOs 8.5 upgrade
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    Hi Andy,

    Welcome to the forums!

    You might be able to upgrade to Mac OS X, but you'd have to give us some more information on which Mac it is...

    Could you check the system's profile or describe the case?

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    Theres tons of audio software out there for os 9 and earlier its just finding it.I was just looking at an mac addict dics from 1999,theres 8 audio demos and shareware on the dics,now finding keys is another matter.

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    MacOs 8.5 upgrade

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    I ran 10.3 OK on a G3 400.

    It was pretty unstable with the original 128mb/RAM, but I added another 256, making 384 and it was fine. Used to run the office 2003 apps without any drama. can't say it was the speediest computer I have ever used, but it got the job done.

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