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    Boot windows 7 from external hard drive
    Hello everyone,

    I am new here and new to mac's. So I tried to install windows 7 ultimate on an external hard drive to boot up on a mac. I have a macbook pro osx 10.6.8 (old i know) and i used VMware fusion 5 along with the latest WinToUsb. I followed this youtube tutorial called "How to install Windows 10 on Mac using an external drive" by 9to5mac. Everything worked out fine but when i restart and boot from the windows 7 external hard drive, i get a dark screen with a blinking cursor.

    Do any of you geniuses know what might be the cause and solution to fixing this issues besides having to buy a new laptop/computer? lol..

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    Boot windows 7 from external hard drive
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Neither Microsoft nor Apple will allow Windows to be installed or booted from an external hard drive. Which is why when using Boot Camp, it will refuse to install Windows that way. We are aware there are several work arounds and YouTube videos that show how to do it. You are on your own with those.

    I don't know which MacBook Pro you have, but Windows 7 can be installed on an eligible Mac either using Boot Camp or Virtual Software. Why not do it the right way?

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    Thank you so much for your reply. The only reason why i wanted to install win7 to an external drive is because the mac i am using is ooooold (OSX 10.6.8). I believe my brother bought it in 2009 and he doesn't want to upgrade the osx because of compatibility with pro tools 9. I was not aware of the limitations of installing bootable windows software between mac and windows. Based on the youtube videos, it seemed that it was possible. I could install win7 using boot camp or a VM software as you mentioned but then i wouldn't be able to use windows in the same capacity as i would like to..for example..install my pro tools..all my windows based music plugins etc...according to you..if i am not mistaken, the right way would be for me to just go buy a brand new computer. I was leaning in that direction already.

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    Boot windows 7 from external hard drive
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    I'm missing something here. Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do? I have a vague notion that there's a bit of a misunderstanding here.
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