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    Delete Mac OSX after Boot Camp (I searched...)
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    Okay, to close this bad boy out, I ended up deleting the windows partition using boot camp utility and redoing boot camp to reinstall Windows 8.1. I decided to err on the side of caution and keep the Mac OS, but made it as small as it would let me. I then updated the Windows OS and took the drive out of my MBP and used another PC with Macrium Reflect to copy the entire drive onto the SSD. As I expected it resized the Windows partition to make it all fit. Ended up with 170 Gig of free space after all was said and done. Thanks for your help and input guys! You've been awesome.

    Side note: I took it a step further and attempted to install Windows 10 after installing 8.1 using a USB to "upgrade". Crash on boot every time when boot camp would load. Ended up wiping the partition and doing what I said above. This apparently is a new problem with Windows 10 1903, and I know there is a work around for this involving getting boot camp 6 drivers which are not available outside of the boot camp utility, but I don't want to do all that and trust a download from a random person.

    Also! I am running High Sierra as this is as good as it gets for my MBP. See link below.
    How to upgrade to macOS Mojave - Apple Support
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