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    Permission on Windows
    I use Parallels and windows to view radiographs (X-rays) and 3D dental scans. I either put them on from a disk, a flash drive, or I download from Sharefile. When I am finished, I want to trash them, sometimes. 3D scans take up lots of space. Sometimes, when I try to trash them, I get a warning that I do not have permission. That seems odd, since I'm the one who installed or downloaded the files. No permission.jpg.
    I blocked out my last name and the name of the patient. But, it says I need permission from myself.


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    Permission on Windows
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    It's been awhile since I've done any work in Windows but I do remember that permissions can sometimes be locked with NTFS. Usually, you can right click on the file or folder and access permissions that way. Have you tried doing that? I always kept a copy of the Windows File Manager around which made changing permssions easy but it's no longer available since Windows 7.

    You're running Windows from a Parallels VM so permissions may be affected by that.

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    I'll try that, right now. I am still using w 7. What does File Manager do?

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    Okay. I right-clicked and tried s few things. It still won't let me delete. So, I must not have changed the right thing. What do I go to and what do I change? Thanks.

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    Permission on Windows
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    I am not at work right now where I have windows computers but... I will try to walk you through it. You need to right click on the folder you need to delete files from. Scroll down to properties and click. When that window opens select the security tab. There should be a list of user names from everyone to your name. Select your user name then make sure in the window below all the boxes are checked for full control. If I am remembering correctly there is also a check box to change permissions for all files and folders within that folder. Make sure to check it.

    Keep in mind this is from memory and I am so use to messing with windows I do it automatically but this article might help - it has pictures!

    How to Change File Permissions on Windows 7 (with Pictures)

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    Permission on Windows
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    You may have to go the advanced settings and change the owner to everyone with full permissions. Apply this to all folders and subfolders.
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