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    Windows seems to have bricked my macOS, stuck with 10...
    Hi Everybody,
    This is my first post here so hello to all! I use Windows 10 regularly on my Mac Mini.
    I switch to macOS when I want to use Ableton or whatever else.
    I've been using Windows without any issues for years on my mini since i purchased it at the beginning of 2015.

    Somehow Windows seems to have bricked my macOS and I have no idea how to fix it myself. I've tried running the tools from the Recovery partition, but I've had no luck. I tried to go into Terminal to do it that way, but it still failed. I'm not sure where to start next so I figured I would reach out here to the forum. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, I'd prefer to fix this thing myself than take it to the Genius Bar.

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    Windows seems to have bricked my macOS, stuck with 10...
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    Well at least the Genius Bar is an option for you. Some of our members are pretty remote and I'm in Indonesia, no apple Genius Bars here at all.
    When you say, "Windows seems to have bricked my macOS" what do you mean?
    You say you have tried the Recovery partition and Terminal but to no avail. So that sounds like you can boot into the macOS partition or are you trying to access it from the Windows partition?
    Could you also let us know what macOS and Windows versions you are running.
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    Windows seems to have bricked my macOS, stuck with 10...
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    When you are in the Recovery partition, can you access the Startup Disk options? Have you attempted to use Disk Utility to Repair the disk drive? Be sure to Repair disk on the drive and each individual partition/volume on the disk, as well.

    When you restart, hold “option” down, until you see the Startup Disk options, what are available to you? Sometimes disks die, it could be what happened?
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