My son recently upgraded to a new 2018 MBP 2018 and I inherited is Early 2011 MBP 15. Prior to his upgrade, he was running the latest version of OS X and Win 10 via Boot Camp on an SSD with no issues. We installed a new 1 TB SSD and loaded OS X and have had trouble with a clean install of Win 10 Pro via Boot Camp. Issues have been Windows 43 error with the AMD Radeon Driver and now normal boot hangs with Win 10. I can Boot into Safe Mode, but can't seems to resolve the issues. We have reinstalled Boot Camp and Win 10 multiple times and still the same issues. He is pumped and now at college, so I am attempting to proceed on my own. Like I said, he had no issues with the same software setup on his previous SSD, the issues are now arising. Any help on the Windows 43 error and the boot hang up with full drivers would be appreciated. Some of my business software has to run natively on Windows and running via Parallels, etc., isn't and option.