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    What do you do with music

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    What do you do with music
    Look iTunes sucks because it doesn't update it doesn't check the file on the partitition it creates its own that it writes to inside of windows.

    The built in app works great but it can't index the files neither can Windows media player and I think it is because they have to have read and write access.

    You can piggy back Windows on iTunes. If only there were a way to have iTunes with read only access.

    Anyways Spotify does update with your other partition.

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    What do you do with music
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    Seems you don't know how to use iTunes. Not to sound like a smart butt. However you can have iTunes read your files were they are located and not have it move them. Look under Advanced in your Preferences. I have mine kept in their own music folder in my Music folder.
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