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    Unhappy Is it impossible to "System Restore" on Windows 7 via Bootcamp.
    Everytime I try to do a system restore on my computer, I get an error "incorrect function. (0x80070001)". Typical Windows error, yet I've never experianced this when running on a Windows only machine. Usually always worked perfectly.But on the Bootcamp system, it always fails.

    HOWEVER, I did notice that the 1st restore point on the list usually works, but none of the others below do, and I NEED to use an older one.

    Has anyone successfully System Restored their Windows os, when running on Bootcamp?

    Is there a fix I can try ? thanks.


    And im using Windows 7 by the way.

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    Is it impossible to "System Restore" on Windows 7 via Bootcamp.
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    I haven't had an opportunity to try it with Windows 7, however, the system restore function works normally with XP running in a Boot Camp partition. Even older restore points work well.

    I would suspect that one or more of your earlier restore points are corrupt which may be why the first one works and those do not. If the first restore point works OK, then system restore is working. Not much you can do about it except to wipe out all restore points and start over.

    By the way, Windows 7 has a very good backup application and even will make an image of your Windows 7 partition. I suggest using that in the future. You'll need an external hard drive formatted to NTFS in order to use it.

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