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    Arrow Windows on an iBook G3
    Can anyone tell me please if it is possible to run Microsoft Windows on an Apple iBook G3? Basically, it's an old machine that I keep and use in my workshop garage, I need Windows to run some automotive windows based electronic databases/catalogs.
    I have access to a Microsoft Windows XP and Vista installation disc. I also have Boot Camp 1.4 Beta, but have been told that this is only for Intel based Macs.
    Appreciate any thoughts and comments before I purchase a new machine.

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    Windows on an iBook G3
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    I would say for all practical purposes that trying to run Windows on an G3 iBook wouldn't be worth the trouble. There are some OLD Windows emulation programs...but they are slow slow slow! You would be better off finding an older used Windows laptop for $100...and running XP on it. you mentioned...requires an Intel based Mac (which an iBook G3 is not).


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    Correct. Boot Camp, and the virtual machine programs (Parallels, Fusion and VirtualBox) all require an Intel-based Mac. It is seriously not worth the effort to run it in an emulator on a G3. You will be jumping off buildings very quickly. Not useable at all. Sorry!

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