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    Ok, so I've read plenty on how macs are freakin amazing and nobody uses any antivirus programs. Cool. I was on facebook and got an im which led me to auto download an .exe. pffttt stupid. I'll just kill it.

    HOWEVER, I would like to have a program that will scan it and tell me what exactly I downloaded. Why? Cause I'm reporting this guy to facebook and the small url gen website that he used.

    So, my question is, is there any virus scanning programs for mac that will identify viruses, but not necessarily "keep my mac safe" cause obviously that's not a problem. I've heard about clamXav, but I just want to see what you guys have to say about the matter. I'd love to give a full report on this guy, so I've logged the chat, sent a message to the facebook user, prolly cause he was being hacked at the time, so now he knows what's going on, and I'm sending e-mails to the url gen site and to facebook, and I'd really like to tell them hey, this is what's trying to install itself on windows computers.

    arg thanks for reading! :]

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