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    Dual Boot/VM Ubuntu on 10.6
    Hey all,
    I'm a fairly recent Mac convert, and I love it to the extent that I've not touched my PC in the 10 months since I got my MacBook (originally purchased solely for the purpose of running Handbrake native - how little I knew of its glory...). I'm not terribly tech-savvy, but I know my way around alright.
    The thing is this - I'm a CS major, and I'd really like to learn my way around Linux, just to have another system I know. My question is this - what's the simplest way to do a dual boot/virtual machine for Ubuntu (recommended as a good Linux intro by a coworker) on my '08 refresh white polycarbonate MacBook? I hear conflicting reports about whether Boot Camp could recognize the Ubuntu iso on a disk, and even if it could whether it would be stable. I don't want to blow 60-70 dollars on VMware or some such tool without any Linux experience, but I'd like some sort of virtual box/shell that I can play with, do a little coding, etc - generally get my hands a little dirty - without having to use some online sampler virtual box that's more of a tour video. Any suggestions on a cheap, simple way to do this?

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    Dual Boot/VM Ubuntu on 10.6
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    VirtualBox is a good start. It's free and the performance is pretty good. It may not have all of the fancy features that VMWare Fusion has but it's free so it's worth a shot. I use it here and love it.
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