Enlarge / The 8" version of the Fire HD Kids Edition is the sweet spot—small enough for young kids, but noticeably bigger and nicer than the 7", with lots more storage. (credit: Amazon)

If you've got little kids and need an inexpensive, safe source of games, media, and books for them, we've got good news for you—Amazon's Fire Kids Edition line of tablets are all on Black Friday-level sale right now. The Fire 7 Kids Edition is down from $100 to $60, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is down from $130 to $80, and the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is down from $200 to $150. (The non-Kids Edition slates are on sale as well, with the Fire 7 available for $40, the Fire HD 8 available for $60, and the Fire HD 10 available for $110).
Amazon's 8" Fire Kids Edition tablet—normally $130, now $80—hasn't been this cheap since Black Friday. (credit: Camelcamelcamel)

If you're already a Fire Kids Edition user, that might be all you need to know. But for new(er) parents who haven't figured out what electronics to get for their little ones yet, let's go over some features—and advice—from a father of three who's been there and done that.
Fire HD—sort of an Android device, but not really

There are only two major tablet operating systems right now: Google's Android and Apple's iOS. In the technical sense, Amazon's Fire HD tablets—including the Kids Edition line—are, without a doubt, Android.

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