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    Apple plans software fix for 16-inch MacBook Pro 'speaker popping'
    No, you're not crazy: you probably are hearing a popping or a cracking sound after audio stops playing on your new 16-inch MacBook Pro. A lot of other users have been reporting similar experiences online, and now Apple itself has admitted the issue,...

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    Apple plans software fix for 16-inch MacBook Pro 'speaker popping'
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    Apple has a bigger headache than the popping with the new 16" MacBook Pro. Lots of complaints about Coil Whine. Not sure they can do anything about it though without going to a newer type of SSD that is not noisy.

    By the way, the Coil Whine sound is almost like a high pitch hissing. Even my senior citizen ears can hear the samples played from tests. Really bad and very annoying.

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