Enlarge (credit: Valentina Palladino)

Smartwatches try to get us away from our smartphone screens, but ironically, a smartwatch's screen is one of the most important things about it. While plenty of materials have been used in smartwatch displays (including E-Ink, RIP Pebble), OLED and AMOLED panels have become ubiquitous on high-end wearables.
But Garmin, maker of some of the most comprehensive fitness wearables available, hasn't taken advantage of such screen technology until now. The $399 Garmin Venu is the first of the company's wearables to have an AMOLED display akin to that on the Apple Watch and some WearOS devices.
While it's an extension of the Vivoactive family, the Venu injects a premium feel that Garmin will clearly use to attract those who are drawn to competitors like the Apple Watch. However, just because the Venu looks lovely doesn't mean Garmin has found ways to use that pretty panel to the best of its abilities.

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