NEW YORK—Google is finally making premium Chrome OS laptops again. The company's flagship Pixelbook launched in 2017 and didn't really get a follow up last year. Instead the company launched the Pixel Slate, a surface-style tablet+keyboard combo that flopped so hard Google decided to stop making tablets.
So, meet the new laptop, the Pixelbook Go. Google nailed a unique and interesting laptop design with the original Pixelbook, but this new update more or less looks like a MacBook. The inner deck features a normal keyboard layout, a large trackpad at the bottom, and a strip of speaker grills flanking either side of the keyboard. The details all look like a carefully-traced MacBook layout, with a similar hinge setup for the screen, and a groove cut out of the front edge to lift the lid.
One big design difference comes the large, ribbed pad on the bottom, which covers the bottom in a grippy surface in lieu of feet.

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