• The new Apple Watch Series 5.

CUPERTINO, Calif.As expected, Apple executives took the stage at the company's headquarters in northern California today to announce an update to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 5 offers more customization and materials options than its predecessor, plus it debuts a few additional features.
The Series 5 looks similar to the Series 4 (it comes in the same 40mm and 44mm case sizes as well), but the biggest hardware difference is the new always-on display. The LTPO panel will now stay on indefinitely so you don't have to raise your wrist or tap the screen to see the watch face or your complications. When you're not actively looking at it, the display's brightness will dim so you can still see information on it but it won't draw more power than necessary.
That's just one of the software features Apple came up with to turn the display into an always-on panel, while also preventing it from using up too much power. The Series 5 also has a new low-power display driver, a new ambient light sensor, and additional hardware improvements that help make the display more efficient. Apple claims that the Series 5, even with its always-on display, will still get the same all-day, 18-hour battery life as the Series 4.

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