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    Macs and Wacom Tablet

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    Macs and Wacom Tablet
    Hi everybody - I'm brand new (don't even have my Mac Pro yet), but I've been doing as much reading about everything Mac that I can (switching from Windows). Anyway, I saw on one of the Photoshop forums that there seems to be big problems with Leopard and Wacom tablets. I searched everywhere on this forum and can't find any reference to it. Anybody heard of the problems - drivers disappearing, don't use USB hubs, fires???
    Susan K.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, SusanK.

    I know that for the Intuos2 tablet, Wacom updated their driver in late November 2007.

    Did you search the Wacom Support website? A quick look around brought this article, Why doesn't my tablet work after upgrading to Mac OSX Leopard 10.5?

    If that doesn't work, look around a bit more on the support website and contact the Wacom support staff here.

    Good luck! Let us know the outcome of this.

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