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    Which External Hard Drive should I buy/Do you suggest?
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    Often it isn't the drive that has failed, but the interface. Swapping the HD to another enclosure may give you access to your data. Below is an example; don't have this particular model, but it's cheap and reviews seem to be good.
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    Which External Hard Drive should I buy/Do you suggest?
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    I have been using Seagates for almost 10 years now and only had one to crash on me, when that happens just chalk it up and get another one and start over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameis View Post
    There is no reason why a hard drive would be more or less reliable based on the OS of the system that it is plugged into. In my experience no HD manufacturer is perfect, but I think WD and Seagate are better than some of the others.
    Recommending Seagate over WD. Had 2 WD, failed the first 6 months, have 5 Seagate for more than 7 years now.

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    My hard drive is 75% full. I would like to add an external drive for Photo's and iTunes. What would the best drive to go about doing that.

    I'm guessing it would not be difficult to move those files to the new drive and have iPhoto and iTunes look there?
    Or how difficult would it be to upgrade the internal HD on a 2005 iMac?

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    i've used two different LaCie far I've had no problems whatsoever and I am thoroughly happy with the purchase.

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