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    Has anyone used MiniDisc on their Mac?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigD View Post
    VM Fusion 5 and an old copy of Windows XP.
    I was thinking of this combo as I was reading your posts until I noticed it was from 4 years ago.

    There is also the free app Wineskin to run PC programs on a Mac
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    Since the prerequisite 4 years have passed (5 years actually this time ), I thought I'd update you all on my Hi-MD MiniDisc endeavours.

    Since Apple in their infinite wisdom put Rosetta PPC emulation out to pasture 'Sony's Hi-MD Music Transfer' software has been technically impossible to run on modern Intel Mac systems as Sony had no intention of updating it past Version 2.0 or adding the standard MD PC importing features present on the PC Sonic Stage software (works under a Windows XP Virtual Machine and is the perfect way to backup or transfer standard MDs in faster than real time over USB as WAVs). However, the Mac only Hi-MD Music Transfer was a nice simple program (far more so than Sonic Stage or iTunes) that allowed owners of the Hi-MD capable MZ-RH1 (the best portable MD player ever released) to easily drag MP3s into a track listing window representing the connected MZ-RH1 with 1GB Hi-MD disc inserted and basically use it as portable MP3 player without the faff of more complicated programs.

    Well I've been experimenting with VMWare Fusion and Snow Leopard Server Edition and I can announce that 'Hi-MD Music Transfer Version 2.0' is compatible It's caused me some grief getting it running and cost me a wiped Hi-MD (which I could easily repopulate with the same MP3s luckily) but it works for both importing and exporting. There is some start-up lag after the GUI command is given to transfer music from the Mac Virtual Machine to the MZ-RH1 but as long as your patient (30 seconds to a minute) Rosetta does her thing!

    The main problem to get it to run is that I had to set up Snow Leopard Server Edition to open in 32-bit kernel mode (64-bit by default). After I did this all the odd behaviour, unresponsiveness and freezing stopped and the app ran normally albeit with the lag initiating the transfer to the MZ-RH1.

    I hope this is useful to someone. I know Mac users are...
    A) Supposed to love Apple's dumping of legacy software in general, despite what an amazing technical accomplishment software like Rosetta was to ease the transition to Intel and run PPC software at close to native speed!
    B) Supposed to unquestionably use iPhones/iPod Touches to play their music now that regular iPods are no longer sold!

    ... but I really like the MiniDisc format and the players' functionality to be both portable sound recorders and portable MP3 players all in one! The sound quality is still amazing to this day and I guess I just like the concept of making 'mix tapes' or 'mix MDs' rather than soulless digital playlists. I also like swapping MDs with my wife when we're on holiday and I just like the form factor and tactile nature of the discs. I'm not bitter that Sony no longer sells them as all technology has its day in the sun (Amiga we salute you), but if I still enjoy using something I am not just going to give up on it just because Apple tries to force me to. Long live personal choice and three cheers for VMWare and Rosetta!

    P.S. IMHO defying Apple's way of doing things if it doesn't suit is truly abiding by the 'Think Different' mantra No doubt more people will agree with me when Apple 'ban' people from running their 32-bit software in the next macOS iteration
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    Has anyone used MiniDisc on their Mac?
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    Have to tell you.... I'm amazed that you took the time to post back and update your thread that's going on 11 years old! What's even more amazing is that you remembered how to log on with your user name and password.

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    Yeah, in all honesty it was only because I own the great Mac 'Wallet' app that I remembered the password! Since I hadn't logged in for so long the website wanted me to reset my password! It was worth it though to help other people get old software working and demonstrate other cool uses for Macs. For the record AnimWebConverter is another program that was never ported from PPC to Universal or Intel binaries and that works under Rosetta on virtual machine too! That program transfers Commodore Amiga computer ANIM files (the file type that Electronic Arts' amazing Deluxe Paint series saved its animations files to) to AVI files enabling my Amiga animation to be imported into iMovie

    As I say; 'Think Different'
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    The system is working well. Being able to use SonicStage on my Windows XP virtualisation and the simpler 'drag and drop' system on the Mac app Hi-MD Music Transfer 2.0 using Snow Leopard are both very useful tools to have. It's overkill to have access to Windows XP, Windows 7, Snow Leopard Server, Mountain Lion and El Capitan on a single Mac but if Apple keep trying to make it difficult to maintain backwards compatibility then it is what is required.

    I have to play Elite Dangerous on Windows 7 because of the OpenCL / OpenGL debacle and over reliance on Metal that Apple have forced through to the detriment of game development. I have to use Snow Leopard Server to run my favourite PPC app 'AnimWebConverter', Windows XP for converting over my MiniDiscs to be used in iTunes using SonicStage, Mountain Lion for anything creative (becasue Adobe phased out the 'CS' suite and I refuse to embrace the subscription model) and El Capitan for (fairly) modern browsing and security but still with the ability to run Office 2008 (but not iDVD reliably ) which is the last version without the infernal time waster that is 'the ribbon'! With macOS post-Mojave phasing out 32-bit apps completely (iDVD is 32-bit) I probably now view this machine as my stepping stone back into the PC world. iMovie and iDVD were the killer apps that got me into the Mac platform in a big way but Premiere Pro / Encore are great, 64-bit and also available on the PC.

    There are no killer apps left in the Apple Mac ecosystem and Apple seems to want the Mac to adopt iOS and for all 'Pro' users to go away. OpenCL/GL being phased out was the last straw. It the final statement to the world that Apple don't want Mac to be used to play games other than iOS native glorified phone ones! How the mighty has fallen.

    Some of us want to own our own software, use iDVD when it suits us, use a Blu-Ray once in a while and want to play a bout of Starcraft 2, Bioshock or Elite Dangerous when the mood takes us. On all fronts Apple is moving away from these markets. It's not so much 'Think Different' now as 'Think the way we do or get lost'! I think give it a couple of years and I'll get lost Maybe I'll buy Cuphead on the Mac as a final hurrah - only the Metal API makes it possible
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    Has anyone used MiniDisc on their Mac?
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    You know, BigD, by one of these silly coincidences, my wife and I have just finished, minutes ago, watching a film (movie in the US) on DVD called "Same time next year".

    The parallel is that you post once a year and although you want to move on to new things and modern ideas, there's bit of you that is still in love with the "old Apple".


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    Has anyone used MiniDisc on their Mac?
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    Everything evolves...everything adapts...everything changes (especially technology). Gotta go with the flow.

    - Nick
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    While I agree with you in principle, I don't have to do things 'the Apple way'. Apple are very prescriptive in how they expect Mac users to behave. I am not a follower and still get great joy out of both my MZ-RH1 MiniDisc / MP3 player (and it's editing and recording functionality which is STILL second to none). In addition I love using iDVD and AnimWebConverter which are both 32-bit apps (i.e. dead in Apple's eyes) and in the case of AnimWebConverter a PPC binary (archaic worthless throwback trash in Apple's eyes)!

    There are no replacement for these apps IMHO. I am trying to replace iDVD with Adobe Encore and I am getting there following some late nights over the Easter bank holiday period! However, the old Apple was market leading at producing and maintaining 1st rate amazing 1st party software apps and hardware that was both powerful and sleek. Apple have severely dropped the ball for 'Pro' users and they are no longer leading the pack with either software or hardware these days (unless it's the prize for the most dongles you require in you laptop bag to get your job done ).

    I say I'll be transitioning to Windows 10 eventually but I really only liked XP and Windows 7 (which an excellent OS even by Apple standards). If the Mac Pro is a success maybe the juggernaut that is Apple will course correct and they will design a great Intel powered laptop (Bootcamp is their last killer app IMHO) with decent Pro tools once again. At the moment however they only seem to care about iOS, Metal and supporting their own in-house low power chip designs to the detriment of everything else! Quite frankly I think that sucks for power users, gamers and creatives!

    P.S. I see that some accounts here were compromised in 2016 from the Firefox warning I received while logging on here today. It would have been nice to have been informed about this within three years of it happening! Just saying! I have changed my password now.
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