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    logitech z-5500 Speakers PLEASE HELP
    Hi Mac users lol.. i'm plannin on gettin a new set of speakers for my g5 mac... I wanted to knw if any of u guys knw hw these speakers - logitech z-5500 would connect to my mac..
    Thnks for your help... p.s If anyone knws bout speakers which have mega bass plz let me knw coz i dunno which ones to get..

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    logitech z-5500 Speakers PLEASE HELP

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    The iMac has a Optical out connection, which is digital, so if you play a DD 5.1 track, it will go directly to the Logitech's Decoder. But otherwise, while playing a stereo track, you will have to use the decoder's StereoX2 capabilities to make it surround.

    Z5500 is an amazing speaker system. I've got them, two years now, and I love em'!

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