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    Epson C45UX Printer driver for Mac?
    Hi everyone,

    I just bought an Epson C45UX printer, as an upgrade from my trusty C43 that lasted me 3 years. Now, I haven't bought this from a shop, so I CANNOT RETURN IT.

    The printer drivers are for Windows only, and it says on the box 'for Windows only'. I know Epson printers well enough to know that they are practically made for how do I get it to talk to my computer? Is there another way I can get through this driver blockage (maybe through my old C43 driver?)

    Any help would be appreciated, I need this printer to work for me ASAP! Returning it is not an option, and I am a stubborn ox - if someone tells me I cannot fix this issue, I will refuse to believe them, and i will move onto someone who can help me. So tell me what I want to hear!

    Thanks in advance,
    Cryssie :-)

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    Okay...I just thought of something...will I be able to operate the Windows driver through Virtual PC? I have the program, but if there's a chance that this will work, can someone please tell me how? I have never used VPC before, and I have no idea.

    Thanks in advance,
    Cryssie :-)

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    Epson C45UX Printer driver for Mac?
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    According to this article: should be able to use the GIMP-print / Gutenberg print open source drivers.

    Download and infos can be found here:

    I'm guessing that although your particular model isn't listed, either the C44UX or the C45 drivers will work.

    Download & install the Gimp print drivers, go to printer utility and 'add new printer'. Make sure your printer is plugged, switched on and the device should be recognised. Then just follow the steps and it should work.

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    Epson C45UX Printer driver for Mac?
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    According to this apple support article, Tiger should come with the Epson gimp-print drivers for the C45 already installed.

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    Thanks for your help guys, I'll give it a shot. Oh, and I'm a oddball who still runs 10.2.8, so the Tiger tip doesn't help me much, but thanks anyway! I'll let you know if it works :-)

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    You are a genious Aptmunich! Worked first time...much appreciated! It's nice to know that my purchase was not a waste of money after all - now if I could figure out how to get it to set up the Printer Utility, I'd be set, but for the moment, I'm stoked it prints!

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