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    Zoom Series 1103/Model 5352 Router Kicking (Newer) Apple Products Off
    I have a strange issue with my Zoom router/modem, which is series 1103 and model 5352.

    It has a habit of kicking newer Apple products off, forcing the router to be forgotten and re-joined or for wi-fi to be deactivated and then reactivated on said devices.

    I first noticed this when I bought an iPhone SE about two years ago. It also happens to an iPod touch of about the same age.

    Nothing gets booted that's older, however. This includes the following:

    iPad 2
    MacBook Air from 2014
    MacBook from 2007
    The iPhone 5s I had before the SE

    It also won't kick off non-Apple devices. I've had a few friends bring theirs and it's OK with the following:

    Windows 10 laptop (can't remember the model)
    Nintendo Switch (two different ones)
    A few Android phones

    There are also no issues with any Ethernet device connected directly to the modem.

    Is there something I need to change in this router? I'd like to replace that Air sometime soon but am afraid it would be worthless with this router.

    Additional information: I bought this router in 2013 and it has worked great aside from that issue. I own it, not the phone company; I refuse to pay rental fees for something I can own just as easily.

    I don't care if it's older or slower. I don't stream TV. What I do care about is that it doesn't boot the iPhone every ten minutes.

    Also, this iPhone works fine on other networks, so it's not the iPhone.
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    Zoom Series 1103/Model 5352 Router Kicking (Newer) Apple Products Off
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    First... Thanks for remembering your user name and password. Always good to see a long time member logging back in.

    As for the modem-router, I tried getting info on it from Zoom and this is what I found:

    Zoom Telephonics - Model 5352 Support

    I suggest checking to see what type of encryption you're using and the band. You should be using WPA-2 at the minimum. The band can be 2.4GHz or 5GHz. You might try switching between them if the router supports the higher frequency.

    I might add that older devices can operate on less secure types of encryption whereas all newer Apple products call for WPA-2 or higher.

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