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Hi Dave:

That's great customer service by Crutchfield. The folks at Cambridge remind of those at Bose. When I complained to Bose about the 901 speakers losing cone integrity and sounding fuzzy, their response was - sorry, but we will send you a new set of 901s (latest update) at a slight discount plus tax and shipping. It's cheaper for me to have them re-coned here in Dallas. Oh well, lesson learned. No more Bose equipment for me.
1+ Charlie - the only negative experience that I've had w/ Crutchfield was a Boston Acoustics (BA) HDTV soundbar - not cheap - went out a few months after warranty - wasn't much they could do, so I talked w/ BA and the bottom line basically was 'tough luck' and 'we don't care' - now have my HDTV hooked to my den sound system, now needing the new Cambridge receiver - comes tomorrow. Dave