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    Thunderbolt 3 hub

    I'm looking to buy a Thunderbolt 3 multi point - i.e turn one thunderbolt port of my iMac into multiple ones - I only have two and I'm need of more.

    However, I really can't find one. Everything that comes up is just to turn the thunderbolt port into a multi point for standard USB or memory cards etc

    I just need more thunderbolt ports - any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    Thunderbolt 3 hub
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    Good evening and welcome.

    I use OWC Thunderbolt 3 hub (had the 2version previously). The link below is to their website - Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

    I live in the UK and, as I understand it, they ship more ore less world wide.

    I am bound to say that I have no financial or any other association with OWC other than as a satisfied customer.

    OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock - OWC Digital


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    Wonderful - thanks Ian.

    The only issue is I'm only gaining one extra TB port - which means I'm paying a couple of hundred quid for one port!

    I've USB ports where one port becomes 8 etc. I'm not expecting TB tech to be that level yet but it would be nice to get another 4. Perhaps, it seems, such a port isn't yet available!

    Thanks again for your suggestion - it does look good regardless!

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    Thunderbolt 3 hub
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    TB ports can be daisy chained, so some devices come with two ports to allow that chaining. What are you attempting to connect that makes you think you need more ports? Do any of them have multiple ports?

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    Hi MacInWin - thanks for info. I've some Lacie Rugged drivers for my editing but sadly they only come with one port. As soon as I have those two in I can't add any more drives - which is quite a pain! I was hoping there would be a TB multi port but it seems, surprisingly, as if that isn't the case!

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