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    Xserve 3,1 (2009)
    Does anyone actually have one and running? I want to discuss mods and/or upgrades. I'm a little disheartened that no one responded to another post I made so I'm going to believe I'm working on a piece of hardware no one uses or cares about.

    I want a better video card. I've heard there are 1GB nvidia GT 120 cards that work, but I would like something better.

    If not, I am fine using it to run my Windows Server 2019 DC as a VM on it, and a minecraft server. But I was hoping to get more out of it.


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    Xserve 3,1 (2009)
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    Very very very very very very (is that enough)...few consumer users (average home or business user...the primary user group here on Mac-Forums) would have ever owned one of these...and may not even know what one would look like...let alone have one...and have suggestions what to do with it. XServe 3,1 is basically very similar to a 2009 8-core Mac maybe the more main stream question would be...what to do with a 2009 8-Core Mac Pro?

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