What should I do with an Xserve 3,1 (8 core [2.2gGhzNehalem i7/Xeon5520) 24GB RAM Nvidia (blechhhhh) 120 256MB. 1x128GBSSD 2x1TBSATA HDD).

It's better than my Dell 2950 (dual P4 Xeon) and Intel (840-based Xeon - x3440) 8GB RAM.

Should I retire the other servers and use this as my main server (obviously running my domain controller as a VM)?

It was running 10.11 happily. I think it stutters a bit with 10.14. It could be the video card from the green guys because they are monsters, but that's a personal issue I have with nvidia. Sorry I prefer to go with the red team - AMD.

Anyone want to discuss these machines? Best OS? Best config? Let me know!