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    First External SSD to Fail on Me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pm-r View Post
    Hmmm... I don't know of any "Backup" software that can't do its backup thing while the Mac is on and actively running.
    I'm glad you brought this up.
    I was always wondering exactly how a backup, while I'm using the Mac, would work.

    Say a backup takes 4 hours, frm noon to 4pm.
    So any changes, additions, deletions I do during that time may or may not be on the backup depending on what point the backup software was with the backup task compared to what I'm changing etc.
    That's not too bad, one can just assume the backup included everything up to the previous day.
    But what happens if the backup softwarewas just in the middle of backing up a file that I'm changing, or it's backing up a folder where I had started to save a larger file a short while ago.
    Seems to me that I could easily end up with a number of corrupted files if I run the backup while working on the Mac.
    And worse, one may not even know a file is corrupt until days, weeks or even months later when one tries to open the file.

    Or is SD and CCC somehow smart enough that this can't possibly happen.
    I'm just playing it as safe as I can by doing backups when the Mac is not used.

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    First External SSD to Fail on Me!
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    Well, just for completeness about the TRIM issue and the brands of external SSDs that I own - Samsung replied this evening (quote below) - in all honesty, I'm not convinced that the two responses I received reflect a clear understanding of Apple's 'trimforce' command, i.e. to allow TRIM to be applied to external SSDs - just curious what others may feel about these responses - now I'm still not sure that TRIM is as important on these drives when used in a backup purpose vs. in a computer w/ constant activity - just my thoughts? Dave

    Jailene - 2019-09-03 20:17:12

    TRIM cannot be used on external SSDs. You should still be able to enable TRIM on your system, however, it will not affect/perform TRIM on your external drives.

    Original Inquiry: Hello, I own 2 of your Portable SSD T5 drives (1 TB & 500 GB) used to B/U my Apple laptops running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 - TRIM can be set for external drives in the terminal using the 'trimforce' command - my question is whether this command should be set to enabled for these Samsung SSDs? Please advise. Thanks. Dave
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