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    USB 3.0 Flash Drives won't mount; USB 2.0 Flash Drives mount fine
    I have USB flash drives, both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 from various manufacturers - Kingston, Verbatim, Sony, Lexar, even no-name China ones; sizes from 256 MB (Yes MB's!) to 128 GB
    They all mount fine on a 2012 Mac Mini with USB 3.0 ports as expected.

    But on a 2017 MacBook air, none of the Verbatim 3.0 Flash Drives mount, however all the USB 2.0 Flash Drives from various manufacturers do mount withiut issues.
    That's true for all USB ports on that machine
    There is no indication or error message why the USB 3.0 drives don't mount; they also don't show up in Disk Utility.

    For a few weeks I worked around that by transferring files to a USB 2.0 drive and use that with the 2017 MacBook air, but yesterday I got fed up with that.
    Was ready to send the MacBook air back to Apple under Warranty assuming the USB 3.0 Flash drives must be fine since they mount on the 2012 Mini and the 2017 MacBook air USB ports are the problem.
    Read through a few articles on line which provided all sorts of possibilities why a USB flash drive would not mount.
    Eventually, one of them mentioned right at the end to try a SMC reset.

    Didn't really think that would do anything since the USB 2.0 drive mounted (just the USB 3.0 drives did not) and I would have thought if the SMC was the problem, none of the USB Flash drives would mount - but I was wrong!
    I reset the SMC and all the USB 3.0 flash drives mounted as if there had never been a problem.

    Just posting this in case anyone else has this type of problem.

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    USB 3.0 Flash Drives won't mount; USB 2.0 Flash Drives mount fine
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    Thanks for sharing this. It might help someone else down the road.

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    USB 3.0 Flash Drives won't mount; USB 2.0 Flash Drives mount fine
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    Thanks for sharing this with us, krs. I've never encountered this problem before, but your solution may help others.


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