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    Apple watch straps

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    Apple watch straps
    New Apple Milanese stainless steel straps retail for £149 in UK but unbranded ones are available for under £6. Why the big difference for what is presumably a fairly straightforward product?

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    Apple watch straps
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    Profiteering by Apple...

    I rarely pay more than £2.99 for an iPhone back cover from ebay which work just as well (and are prettier) than £45 from Apple, ditto £10 for an ipad mini cover instead of £45.

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    I've bought one of those cheap knock offs from Amazon for my Apple Watch while a colleague has the real version, the quality is lacking on my cheap version and the magnet is really bad. Essentially after about a couple of months of use, it began to discolor and lose the ability to stick properly. I reverted back to the band with the velcro straps since it better stays where I put it.

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