I purchased an OWC Mercury Elite Pro USB3 enclosure in 2015 and unfortunately, the enclosure itself just failed. The silver lining is that the drive mechanism inside of it is just fine and is currently working on a cheap, Sabrent USB3 drive dock. I've never experienced anything like this before with an OWC product, so I figured I'd share my experience here.

I contacted OWC support in the hopes that they'd at least offer me an olive branch, particularly since I've been a loyal customer for many years, but no recourse whatsoever. I used to put a lot of stock in the quality of their products, but I think that's slipped in recent years since they've started marketing outside of the Mac user market. No reason to purchase OWC products for me anymore. I'll just go with cheap, Chinese chicken and won't feel quite so jaded when they fail.

By the way, does anyone have a recommendation for a USB Type C 2.5" drive enclosure?