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    cracked screen apple watch series 2 42mm
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    cracked screen apple watch series 2 42mm
    I cracked my screen on my apple watch Series 2.. I did some searching here but couldn't find any existing threads.. Im going to try ' S2 ' instead of ' Series 2'

    I and I am fine with replacing it myself, but cant find parts yet.. has anybody seen them for sale in the wild? ifixit doesn't have them in stock and they are my go to. I even called local mall kiosks that repair idevices and they couldn't help me.

    Also, is there anybody here who can get me past my passcode on my watch? The touch interface works about 75%, but I would be able to move apps around that are movable to get to buttons that are in dead touch zones. It's Bluetooth works just fine. The pass code entry screen will not let me scroll it or move it around like the majority of the apps do, and one section of my watch wont respond to touch. If I could get the pass code off I would have "almost" full usability back. As of right now it just shows me the time and date. I will plug it into my MBP and see if I can factory reset it, but so far.. all attempts to do just that via the iphone or the watch force me to enter the passcode that I cannot fully enter.

    I'll update after the MBP attempt.

    Update. Just realized my MBP will charge watch but not link to it or help in any real way. So scratch that idea. I am going to go to a proper Apple Store to see if they can help Sunday evening.
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