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    Disk Failure Issue
    I started the process of Zeroing out an internal Hard Drive of my MacPro 1.1 and during the process it failed.

    Now when I go to disk utility to restart the process, I get the following message when I select the drive: ''This drive has a hardware problem that can't be repaired. Back up as much of the data as possible and replace the disk. See an authorized Apple dealer for more information.''

    How would I go about repairing this drive and reformatting it?

    Thanks for your help guys.


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    Disk Failure Issue

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Disk repair tools such as DiskWarrior cost over $120.00. Simply put the money towards a new Solid State Drive
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    Disk Failure Issue
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    Ouch - what process did you use to zero out your drive? In the old days zeroing out meant a low level format which is not recommended on today's newer drives. Just wondering.

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    Disk Failure Issue
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    He probably used the older Disk Utility secure erase feature. It could do a one time pass, or more, and write ones and zeros over the data. The current version of Disk Utility no longer provides for the secure erase feature. I don't believe it's possible to low level format a drive without special factory software, but who knows?

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    Disk Failure Issue
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    Imarty_surf, if you did this because you were having problems with the HD then it was probably the wrong thing to do. I have noticed that when a HDD is nearing the end of it's life rewriting it, upgrading the OS or erasing it will sometimes tip it over the edge. I agree with harryb2448, dont waste tme trying to save it, back it up and spend the money on a new drive, preferably a SSD it will give your device new life.
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    Hey guys,
    thanks for answering. I did this initially because I was going to set it up as a RAID and I read that it was a good Idea to zero it out but I guess I won't do that anymore.....

    Luckily I did not loose any data I had backed it up before hand...



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