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Thread: PPC 603E card

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    Question PPC 603E card
    Hello fellow Macintosh fans from Amiga fan

    I was brought here by my recent acquirement. Apart from that it is a PPC upgrade card I have no idea what kind of Macintosh it is for. I'm confident I'm in a right place and can count on your knowledge

    Here are the pictures (the card was in this box with some SIMM memory RAM):

    Also, there was this following add on card (it fits perfectly to the slot located on the PPC card):

    What you say?

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    PPC 603E card
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    My best guess is that it's a cpu upgrade card for a mid-late 1990's Powerbook. The small form factor also indicates that it most likely is an upgrade for a laptop computer.

    On the back of the card it says "Apple Computer Inc. 1993, 94". I think that this is too early for a PPC 603e upgrade card for that early of a Mac computer (1993/94).

    Plus the card looks very similar to a PPC 603e upgrade card I installed when I was using a Powerbook 1400.

    It's definitely a very old piece of Mac compatible hardware. Probably not worth a whole lot. But if posted on eBay…someone might pay a few bucks for it.

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    You might be right. Will see what others say.
    Regarding sale on eBay... I'd prefer an exchange for something to Amiga computer

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