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    iTunes [Movies] - wrong folder used
    When adding movies to iTunes they end up in the 'Home Video' folder, I then manually move them to 'Movies'

    Can I change this behaviour?

    Why would the default folder for Movies be Home Movies, not Movies???

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    iTunes [Movies] - wrong folder used
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    This is one change in the current iTunes that drives me nuts. It seems that any video imported into iTunes gets tagged as "Home Video". Here's the only solution I have found so far:

    1. Select one or more videos and choose Command + i or choose File>Get Info
    2. In the sheet that appears select the Options tab.
    3. Change the Media Kind drop down to reflect the type of video.

    When you click OK iTunes will modify the tag information and move the video to the correct section (movie, music video, etc.).
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    iTunes [Movies] - wrong folder used
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    If you are adding a "proper" movie that has metadata and artwork available for it, then keeping that in a listing separate from videos you shot at home with a camcorder or cellphone that wouldn't have any such metadata makes sense to me, since the latter truly would be "home movies". The problem is the lack of tagging in the movies being added, unless the OP is in fact adding self-shot videos and just wants them in the other category.

    If you are in fact adding "movies" to iTunes, I highly recommend tagging them in advance to add artwork and other data. iDentify is, by far, the best at this.

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