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    AppleTV not in sync w/ iTunes
    I made some changes to my iTunes media folder [Movies] that I realize in hind-sight were not made the way Apple recommends.

    I manually removed, changed the format and name, then returned the files to the original iTunes folder.

    The 'new' files do not show up in the ATV menu.

    Is there a fast, easy fix for this or should I just call AppleCare?


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    AppleTV not in sync w/ iTunes
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    I quite literally have absolutely no idea what you did. The best thing to do is remove all your listings in iTunes, then drag and drop your media back into it.

    It makes no difference ultimately where you store your media. If you want your files kept in a specific location, then turn off the option in iTunes to "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding..." before dropping your media back in iTunes.

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    Thanks, life...

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    AppleTV not in sync w/ iTunes
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    When you put the files back into iTunes did you put them in the folder yourself or did you use iTunes to do it? If you used the Finder, for example, iTunes won't know about the changes unless you rebuild the library.
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